Celebrating Over 65 Years of Charity

Committee Chairs 2018-2019
Publicity, Website & Community Affairs:
Amy Bermudez, PP
LAX Wear Apparel:
Phyllis Lubert
Linda Uzenski
Adopt A Family:
Vanessa Ambrosecchia, PP
Amy Bermudez, PP
Christmas Party:
Rosemarie Prendergast
Amy Bermudez, PP
50/50 Dark Horse:
Joyce Kelly
Andrea Crowe
Cathy Corbett, PP
Kate Dean
Regina Cunningham
Installation Committee:
Tina Rossetti, PP
Audrey Peluso, PP
Crafting Committee (Sub-Committee for Programming):
Linda Uzenski
Fraternal Assistance:
Catalina Guttilla, PP
Lisa Kahl, President
Lady of the Year:
Lisa Kahl, President
Constance Doherty
Medals & Bylaw's will be given at the membership meeting by the Financial Secretary
Audrey Peluso, PP
Amy Bermudez, PP
Religion / Sunshine:
Michelle Ciardulli
Ways & Means:
Margie Logan, VP
Christmas Gift Boutique/Night at the Races/Fashion Show (Plus Any Additional Fundraising Event)
Coats For Kids:
Lesley Lewis
Nancy Auell
News Letter Ad:
Catalina Guttilla, PP
Noreen McCabe
Dorothy Morgan
Rosanne Leonardes
Esther Algoni